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Living the Life in Christ------------Walking the path of salvation
Welcoming people of all ethnic backgrounds.  Services in English
Welcoming people of all ethnic backgrounds. Services in English
Welcoming people of all ethnic backgrounds. Services in English


"Come and see what the Lord has done" (Ps. 66).  Many people on all ends of the spectrum, Roman Catholic and Protestant, have acknowledged that the Orthodox Church is the mother Church of all Christianity.  History itself bears witness to this fact.  Yet affiliation is not enough.  Each person has to accept and put their life in the hands of Jesus Christ as their Lord, and all must stand before Him and give account for their lives and what they have done with the gifts He has given them.  Christ is the only Savior of humankind and all must adhere to Him and have Him abiding within them and He in them in order to have Salvation, for He IS Salvation.   

 The book of Revelation mentions seven local churches, all of which are historically Orthodox Churches (most of which existed through the early 20th century, and some still exist, although highly diminished by the Turkish export of Christians from Smyrna and some of the others--and one of our members is the daughter of a couple that were members of the Church in Smyrna before the forced "population exchange"!), with some uplifted and others warned for their sins and shortcomings.  Our parish strives to remain worthy of being a local continuation of this one, original Church, but if you are local and reading this, you are called to be a part of its present and future ministry.     

If you are without a spiritual home, you need not be--the Holy Spirit and Christ call you to "come" (Rev. 22.17).     

The Orthodox Christian Church of the Holy Protection of Dover, Florida, by God's grace, adheres to the eternal Christian faith "delivered once for all" by the Holy Spirit "in truth and in love" (Eph. 4.15), and strives to practice it daily.  

Every Sunday we offer prayers for the whole world and for the welfare of all, celebrating the Resurrection and the coming of the Kingdom of God in the Divine Liturgy (the main service).  In this service, the faithful who have prepared properly receive Christ sacramentally (i.e. spiritually and physically by grace), that we may have Him, together with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, living and dwelling within us according to Christ's promise.  The Sunday Liturgy, held at 9:45am, is not just a reflection of the life of the age to come, but a miraculous participation in it here and now, culminating in Holy Communion with God.  We pray through the week as members of Christ's Body wherever we find ourselves--at home, silently throughout the workday, when traveling and when running errands.  Prayer, talking with our Creator and keeping constant contact with Him, is essential to our Faith.  We also offer daily prayer services throughout the week late August-May. 

The Orthodox Christian Church is the native Church of the Holy Land and the other lands of the Bible (Jerusalem, Antioch, Egypt, Asia Minor, Cyprus, Greece, etc.).   It is known in its official documents as the "Church of God" and as the "Orthodox Catholic Church"; or in longer form, the "Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church."   She rejoices in all who call upon the name of Jesus Christ as Lord, and invites all who do so to adhere to Him sacramentally in "the Faith delivered once for all to the saints" (Jude 1.3).  For those who are baptized Christians but have not received the Orthodox sacrament of Chrismation (the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit by being anointed with Chrism), this involves learning about the Faith, confessing the Faith from the heart, then being chrismated, and thereafter regularly partaking of Communion.   For those who are not baptized, they would dedicate their life to Christ in the service of the making of a catechumen, undergo a period of learning about God, His plan of salvation, and the Christian Orthodox Faith.  After this they will be baptized, chrismated, and receive Communion.  Orthodox Christians live a life of repentance in Christ, participate in the sacrament of Repentance (confession of sins) periodically, attend Liturgy on Sundays and receive Communion regularly with proper preparation.   

Holy Protection is a parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the United States of America, within the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of the USA.   We are an all-ethnic parish, opened to people of all backgrounds.  Our current membership, while all sharing being American (native and immigrant), have very diverse ethnic backgrounds.  Our common language is English, being the language of the land and also the common and thus uniting language of the parish.  For this reason, the language of the Liturgy on Sunday is English.  Sometimes other languages are used in midweek services based on the day and who attends.       

Our parish is involved in the following services (ministries) to the community:

  • Prayer ministry.  Please let us know if you would like us to pray for you or your loved one!  We do various services for many needs at the Church and also of members in their homes.  Services of prayer for the strength of marriages, those who have cancer, heart problems, have been in accidents, wounded by attacks, the armed forces, police, firefighters, deliverance from substance abuse, for better parenting, and many other causes.  
  • Orphan ministry.   We sponsor a local house for children who have been removed from households where they were abused, neglected, etc.)
  • Widow and Nursing Home outreach.   We have been doing this for a decade, visiting those who are nursing home bound, praying with them, and bringing gifts on special holidays.  
  • Christ-centered addictions recovery ministry--Faith support for those battling various addictions to alcohol, drugs, overeating, overspending, gambling, etc.  Scripture tells us to "confess your sins to one another," that thereby you might find deliverance.  Here, addicted people, together with loved ones, are encouraged to come and discuss and give support to one another in the path of salvation provided by Christ. 
  • Homeless assistance--Care packages to the homeless
  • Faith health outreach--offering certain medical services for free thanks to our trained nurses in cooperation with a local health care system.  (please note, along with other Tampa Bay area Orthodox Churches, our parish has contributed to the building of a medical clinic in northern Uganda, collections taken at the Tampa Bay Lenten Vespers over the last several years)
  • Veteran's and hospital ministry--visitation and gifts to Veteran's and staff of hospitals, including children's hospital.  
  • Christian Education Ministry.   Last but not least--when Christ gave the great commission, He commanded to go and make disciples of every ethnicity by teaching them to observe everything He commanded.  This is at the heart of what it means to be Christian and Orthodox--to trust in God and follow Christ in the path to salvation.  We provide Christian Education for adults during fellowship hour for parents to be equipped to knowledgably educate their children in the way of the Lord and to live a God-centered life.  After fellowship, we have a Bible Study to allow God to improve our lives through the grace that Scripture provides.   We also have a Facebook page as well as having informative videos on Youtube.  Fr. Harry is also the Director of Religious Education for the UOC of the USA, and is developing its Christian Education website, www.orthodoxchristianed.org.    


 If you would like to donate to our parish for its Christ-centered work and continuation, please click HERE to do so online.


Orthodox Christianity:  Come back to the original, accept no substitutes



Orthodox Christian Education (Click Picture)
Orthodox Christian Education (Click Picture)
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