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Claim:  Although the Orthodox Church may be the original Church, yet it has changed things since the time of the early Church, especially after Emperor Constantine.  

Why this claim is false:

The Council of Nicea simply gave its stamp on what was already prayed and practiced in the early Church from the time of the Apostles' to the Council itself.  To read about particular items of concern, click on following links:  

The fact is that the earliest intact Church that we know of is in Syria, and is known as the House Church of Dura from 235 AD.  It is no small matter that the central features of this early Church are the Baptistry, the Holy Altar Table for the celebration of the Eucharistic Liturgy, and Icons.  Read more HERE

Prayer to Saints prior to the 4th century Council of Nicea

Early Christian chapel in catacombs from year 200 filled with iconography

The Oldest known text of hymn to St. Mary the Theotokos from 250AD    (this hymn is still sung in the Orthodox Church to this day) Here is another ARTICLE on the same subject.

Early Christian Art: Iconography and Architecture

Icon of Christ the Sun of Righteousness and True Vine from 280 AD from Tomb under St. Peter's

Icon of Christ and Peter walking on water from 235 AD from Syrian Church 

Icon of Christ Healing Paralytic from 235 AD From Church in Syria, in town of Dura

6 Early Images of Jesus Christ

Icon of Christ as Good Shepherd from 230-240AD  from Catacombs

Oldest Christian Church from first century found beneath Orthodox Church of St. George (itself dating from 230 AD) in Jordan.  Find more reading on there HERE






Orthodox Christian Education (Click Picture)
Orthodox Christian Education (Click Picture)
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