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If you are an Orthodox Christian, you may come from a background that has different hymnography than what you are used to.  This is because, while Orthodoxy has always Eight Tones, there are many different local variants of these tones.  From those of a Greek background, Byzantine chant is what is most familiar to you (and, perhaps, the only type of Orthodox chant you have been exposed to).  Yet, there are many other different kinds of chants, all with the traditional form of eight tones, but sounding differently from one another.  

Our parish, while "Pan-Orthodox", does have its roots in Ukraine, and belongs to the UOC of USA.  Yet, it is Ukraine that has the most diverse representation of hymnography than any other tradition local territory.  Depending on what part of Ukraine you come from (yet still, in each locality you will likely experience various forms of hymnography), you will experience:  Obikhod (with its own particular Orthodox variant of 8 tones), Galician Chant (with its own particular 8 tones), Kyivan Chant (with its own particular 8 tones), Lesser Znamenny and Greater Znammeny chants, each with their own varient of the 8 tones.  In the West one will find "Plain chant" (Carpathian-Rusyn).  In the south one may encounter what is commonly called "Romanian chant" for certain services mixed with some of the others, and in Crimea, for example, one will also find Byzantine Chant, and one may even hear Georgian chant a few times a year.  One will also hear varieties of "Gregorian" or the Gregorian-sounding "Valaam chant" in certain places at certain times of year.  

Thus, it is possible that Ukraine is the most "Pan-Orthodox" nation on earth with regard to hymnography.  Therefore, as a "Pan-Orthodox" parish (i.e., embracing various ethnic backgrounds), we are glad to be able to authentically celebrate our heritage while also celebrating the diversity of our present and future all at the same time.  The concept is that we are able to share the diversity of Orthodoxy together.  


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Orthodox Christian Education (Click Picture)
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