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Becoming Orthodox

If you are Orthodox and have relocated and are looking for a parish home, please join us for liturgical services.  At the point when you wish to become a member of the parish, please fill out one of the member information forms and hand it in the offering plate or in one of the baskets in the entryway, or hand it to a greeter. 

If you are not Orthodox, the first steps involve attending liturgical services (especially Sunday Liturgy and other important services throughout the year), the primary way that the faith is learned.  Please note that the reception of Holy Communion is the final step in becoming Orthodox, not a "first step".  This is because once you receive Communion you are received into the Communion of the Orthodox Church.  However, until that point, you may come up for a blessing with the chalice and receive blessed bread (different from communion) at the end of Liturgy.  The Liturgical services are replete with Scripture from front to back, and are a continuation of the early Church's liturgical worship (see writings of the Apostolic Fathers, which demonstrate this fact). 

Please join our classes on the Faith on Sundays following Liturgy in the fellowship hall.  Please email Fr. Harry (see below) if you have any questions ahead of time.  

Becoming an Orthodox Christian involves: 

1.  Dedication to live the life in Christ, as a member of Christ's Body, the Church.  

2.  Learning.  Please review the "Becoming Orthodox" section on this webpage.  We encourage you to watch our "Basic Orthodoxy" series on our Youtube station.  Please also see our education website at www.orthodoxchristianed.org.  You will meet with the Priest to plan reception into the Church and to answer any questions you may have.      


a. If you are confirmed Roman Catholic, after affirming the principles of the Faith found HERE, you will be received into the Church by taking Confession and then receiving Communion for the first time during Liturgy. 

b. If you are a Christian from one of the Protestant confessions (Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or even non-denominational), and have received Baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you will be received, once agreeing to the precepts of Faith found HERE, by confession of sins, receiving anointing with Holy Chrism, and then, finally, partaking of Holy Communion.   

c. If you have never received Christian Baptism, but accept Christ as your Savior and accept the basic precepts of the Faith and are dedicated to living the life in Christ, you will be received into the Church by professing the faith and receiving the Sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation (anointing with chrism oil, the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit), and Communion.  If you are already baptized with a valid Christian Baptism, then you will profess the faith, receive Holy Chrism, and partake of Communion.  

4.  To be a regular participant in the parish by attending Church weekly, by praying during the Liturgy for the life of the world, by identifying your calling within Christ's Body, and by tithing or working toward tithing based on God's standards for the building up of God's Kingdom.  

If you are already Orthodox and want to join the parish

Greetings to all of our Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters!  If you are reading this page, that means that you are considering membership in our parish, and we are honored that you are considering us.  Our parish is one that expects its members to care for one another, and so we do.  We do not consider the parish lucky to have us come or attend, but rather consider ourselves blessed to be able to come and join with each other with Christ in our midst in word and sacrament, for He is truly in our midst.  We also expect all of our members to seek out their calling based on their talents and use them in God's ministry to the world as members of the Church, even if it is in small ways on a daily basis.  We expect our members to pray daily for the Church, themselves, their spouse and family, friends, and even their enemies (Christ commanded it).      

To join the parish, please read the expectations of members and then fill out the attached online membership form for 2016.  


Orthodox Christian Education (Click Picture)
Orthodox Christian Education (Click Picture)
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