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Orthodox Christian Church
UOC of the USA-Ecumenical Patriarchate
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Holy Protection Church is a parish of the Eastern Eparchy (Eastern Diocese) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.   His Eminence Metropolitan Antony is the Archpastor of the Eastern Eparchy.  

The Parish Priest of Holy Protection is the Very Rev. Fr. Harry Linsinbigler, and the Presbytera is Pani Matka Carrie Linsinbigler   


Liturgical Ministry

The Liturgical Ministry, the most important ministry, as we pray for the life of the world and its salvation, consists of all of the following:

All of the faithful. 

Every one of the faithful is part of the Liturgical Ministry of the Church, as everything is the prayer of the faithful. 

The Parish Priest, by virtue of his hierarchical appointment to the parish and maintenance of good standing, determines the order of services for all offices (i.e. liturgical services) served in the parish, in accord with Orthodox standards.  Subdeacon John renders all of his office.

The Liturgical supervisor of all internal liturgical ministries is Brian Delp, supervising the operation of the Altar operations at the direction of the Priest.    

The Liturgical supervisor of external liturgical ministries is Michael Gursky, supervising the order of service in the external operation of Liturgical ministries in the nave and narthex.    

The Liturgical supervisor of worship is PM Carrie Linsinbigler, who supervises the order of services with regard to the responses of the choir/people.  

Liturgical Preparation Ministry (setup, ordering items, candles, etc.):  Priest, Subdeacon John Juhasz, Brian and Rebecca Delp, Michael and Beverly Gursky 

Liturgical Communication Ministry (Bulletin, social media, website, etc.):  Pani & Fr., Brian Delp  

Operative Ministries

*Note, if you are interested in being a part of any of the following, please let the Priest or one of the Parish Council know.

Pastoral Ministry:

While the Priest leads the pastoral ministry, nevertheless, the entire parish by virtue of their Baptism, Chrismation, and perpetual Communion has a pastoral role, caring for one another and for others around us, all of us leading each other back to the Chief Shepherd (Pastor) of our souls, the Lord Jesus Christ.      

External/Outreach Ministries:

Education Ministry:  Priest, Michael Gursky    *Note, we need parents to be involved to help with youth  

Faith Medical Program:   Rebecca Delp, Coordinating Parish Nurse.  Participating:  Beverly Gursky, Susan Johnson.   Assisting members:  Nancy Collins and Randee Linsinbigler

Recovery Coordinator:  Michael Gursky

Outreach Ministry Coordinator: Susan Johnson

External Prayer Ministry  *We need a coordinator, the Priest and PM are filling the role temporarily   Participating members:  the whole parish

Sisterhood--Women of Faith.  Coordinator:  Pani Carrie Linsinbigler

Brotherhood--Orthodox Men's Group.  Coordinator:  Brian Delp

Consolation Ministry:  Svetlana Kouzmova


Internal Ministries:

Church Beautification--Nancy Collins, Pani Carrie, Randee, Alexis and Elisabeth Linsinbigler  Participating members:  as many as possible

Grounds and Maintenance Ministry--Michael and Natalie Brennan; Michael and Beverly Gursky

Fellowship Hour Preparation Ministry:  Pani Vera Juhasz, Subdeacon John Juhasz, Parish (Council) teams

Family Ministry--   Participating members:  those who get their families/youth involved.

Office Order Ministry--Svetlana Kouzmova and Nancy Collins  


Administrative Ministries

The General Parish Assembly is the highest Administrative body, consisting of all official members of the parish, and meets at least once at the annual meeting, and other times as needed.  Functionaries of the General Parish Assembly include the Parish Priest as the Chair by virtue of his being Nastoyatel (Rector) of the Parish, the Parish Council, the Pastoral team, and the Ministry Leaders, with the Assembly consisting of all parishioners.    

The Ministry Leadership Council includes the Parish Council and the Ministry Leaders.    

The Parish Board of Administration, or Parish Council, is the regular administrative body for day to day operations, and has all regular administrative operations within its purview.   Per Canon Law, the UOC Constitution, and the Parish Bylaws, the Priest has an ex officio role on the parish council (as chair of the general assembly, he is honorary chair of the council).  P.M. Carrie is administrative liason.  Per parish bylaws, Michael Gursky is ex officio Staretz (PC President Emeritus).   *Note, all three have formal theological education  

Elected Officers:  

President:  Beverly Gursky  

Vice President:  Brian Delp

Secretary:  Linda Bycz

Treasurer:  Rebecca Delp

Treasurer:  Nancy Collins

Administrative backup (Secretary/Treasury/Admin):  Mark Spengler



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